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About besthorsecamp.com

Besthorsecamp.com is an online community dedicated to supporting, connecting, and sharing ideas and love of horse camp!  This site is especially for horsecamp owners, horsecamp employees, and horsecamp lovers of all ages.

The very best horse camp in the world…is yours.

To every tired dirty little child in stained breeches or muddy jeans that hops into their mom’s car each afternoon, there is no place better on this earth than your stable. To every young teenage girl exclaiming to her friends about her perfect round as she flops on her bunk, heaven is your riding school. To every grateful parent that watches their child beam as they accomplish their first unassisted trot or jog around the arena, your barn is a sanctuary like no other. BESTHORSECAMP.COM is a place for us all to come together and share the delight we create and enjoy as Campers, Instructors, Barn Owners, Administrators and Parents.

We want your input and talent!

During the creation of this website, we visited many other horse camp websites from around the country.  What we found was impressive!  Sharing and teaching a love of horses is what we have to offer the world. Let’s do the best we can and do it together. Our differences in styles, disciplines, philosophies and facilities are not what keep us apart, it’s what we have to offer each other. We are hoping you will write, photograph, create, inspire and share with us here at BESTHORSECAMP.COM., both as professionals and as campers.  Become a Member Today and Share your Horse Camp with the Community!