Beginning of a Great Idea

If you’re here, I’m going to assume you’ve read my introductory letter as to how and why I started If not, it’s under “About” in the menu bar at the Home Page. The startup of this endeavor has not been so much as a learning curve for me as it has been a learning leap off a cliff!

 My goal to have 500 Horse Camps and their participants all interacting with each other will happen. Horse Camps will want to join for a mere $35. a year to be listed in the directory and to participate in the ongoing contests. Individual members will join for $25. a year to have the privilege of participating, maybe even to have a virtual experience of going to horse camp if the real one isn’t a possibility to them.

The ideas I want to share come easy. There are notes all over my house, car, barn, and in my purse about ideas that pop into my head. Getting them in front of that crowd that I know is out there? That is HARD!! I, of course, did not know that when I started this.



We have run wonderful camps and clinics for years. I feel very confident and in my element doing that. I live in an area where there are 20 different horse camps of all scales being run in a 30 square mile area. Getting together and sharing with the remarkable people that are running these camps is one of my greatest pleasures. How hard could it be to expand that circle and convince people I don’t know, but share this interest with, that is a tremendous idea and that they should join in on it?

I know now, that I was naïve in thinking this would blow up, and I would be interacting with camps all over the country within a few months. I did happen to be lucky enough to find web designers that have held my hand and gently nudged me forward with infinite patience when I ask the same questions over and over. They provided me with a website I am very proud of and once it is discovered by its audience, will be a tremendous support system to those of us lucky enough to be in the horse camp business. I will be forever grateful to Rick and Tricia Gravine of The Digital Agenda.

But, today, I felt the shift I’ve been waiting for. Dawn Watt of Wattland II, sent me a craft her camp did, along with cute pictures. Barb Koster of Barb Koster Riding Academy commented on The Dala Horse craft that she did with her campers from the website. And, like I have dreamed would happen, she added a comment about how she did it that made it an even BETTER idea.

It’s not a lot, but it’s the start. Horse camp owners, I am going to find you and embrace you and what you’re doing and I am going to drag you into this adventure with me and the members that have already stuck their toe in the water.

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