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Use Water Color, Colored Pencil, or Crayon

coloring book image

This project seems to delight younger kids and parents . When I first started doing it , I found the application in my Kodak Easy Share edit photos panel. Once Kodak went under, I had to hunt around for a new source to make line drawings out of photos. There is a way to do this in PhotoShop. I watched the tutorials and it looked a little more complicated than this other site I found. It’s called Lica Line Drawing. It is free to download initially but then they use a system of credits that you must purchase to process your drawings. Luckily, it is very inexpensive and the customer support was outstanding. I got stuck twice, mainly because I am not very computer savvy, and they emailed me very clear responses to my questions instantly.

First, take very simple photos of horse and child. The less busy the background the better. Keeping the subject large and centered also seems to work well. Download the photos to Lica and follow the directions. Printing the final result is where I had a little trouble initially. Click on the processed photo on the site, then right click and open in a new window. Hit print preview because you may need to shrink the image and I had to rotate the image to get the best result. I print these on regular paper and also print out the original photo image for the child to use if they’d like. I’ve had a few campers go Andy Warhol on this project and that works too!

Color and Enjoy!

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