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BestHorseCamps.com is dedicated to connecting the horse camp community around the world. As part of our mission to share the love of horse camp, we feature stories from camps around the nation! No matter what your horse camp specialty may be, we want to know what your camp is doing! Many of our featured camps take new approaches to teaching and inspiring their young horse campers. We hope that the stories of our featured camps will inspire, motivate, and move readers to try new ideas and techniques they may read about at their own horse camp! Please write to us if you have a nomination for a featured camp!

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  1. Deerfield Farm

    Deerfield Farm

    I was sitting in an airport trying to decide which behavior was more disturbing. Was it the three teenage girls who sat next to each other for 45 minutes without ever engaging in one word of conversation or making eye contact with anything but their phone screens? Or was it the preteen boy and girl whining incessantly at their mom...

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  2. Summer Camp at Windemere

    Summer Camp at Windemere

    One of the major features of BestHorseCamp.com are the contests that we run for our participating camps each summer. This year, one of the contests was “Before and After.”  We asked camps to send us two pictures that were examples of extreme changes.    We gave the following examples to explain the contest concepts… 1.) A furry pony before and after...

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  3. SJ Riding Camp, Ellington, Ct.

    SJ Riding Camp, Ellington, Ct.

           “My happy place”…everyone has one, whether real or imagined. There was no question in my mind, as I walked around SJ Riding Camp in Ellington, Ct. that I was witnessing 36 girls living in their own personal happy place. Driving down the long wooded driveway into a secluded world of girls, horses, nature, and cozy cabins, I wished...

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  4. Spring Valley Farm – In Defense of New Jersey

    Spring Valley Farm – In Defense of New Jersey

    In fairness to everyone who loves New Jersey, calls it home or even just believes the “Garden State” license plate promo, MTV should have filmed another reality show in northwest New Jersey. If your only impression of the state comes from the show “Jersey Shores” or the painful drive along the Jersey Turnpike required of anyone going up or down...

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  5. 4M Farm

    4M Farm

    You wouldn’t call the place fancy, but if you stayed for more than five minutes, took a good look around, and really listened to what was taking place, you would have to agree the experiences taking place here at Horse Camp at 4M Farm are what you would wish for any kid. Nothing can elicit jealousy in a horse kid’s...

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  6. Competition Farm

    Competition Farm

                After eight or nine times of rescheduling our interview appointment, I finally jumped in the truck with Marianne Pack for the two hours it would take for her to drive up and back to Wellington, Florida. She was going to pick up a horse that had shown that day at the Winter Equestrian Festival. Keep in mind, that in...

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  7. Dal Porto Ranch

    Dal Porto Ranch

      In the fertile Delta Region of the Brentwood area of California, orchards, organic farms, fruit stands and farmers’ markets proudly boast of the spectacular produce and abundant bounty of the land. Tucked in the middle of all of this fruitful glory is a twenty-eight acre ranch that is equally as proud of its product and rightfully so. For years,...

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  8. Misty Morning Stables

    Misty Morning Stables

    “A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses – it’s about love, life and learning.” This is a quote by Lauren Davis Barker on the Facebook page of Misty Morning Stables in Cherryfield, Maine. Cherryfield claims to be the...

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