Halter & Lead Frame




What you will need:

  • A wood frame and Photo of choice (choose a horse pic!)
  • craft paint
  • Glue
  • Quilling Paper
  • small hook
  • 3 Jump rings
  • tweezers
  • lobster claw fastener
  • yarn or thin cording

I found everything for this project at AC Moore. Cost per project was approximately $3.00. This takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to make.




Step 1:

Paint the frame. I used a ruler and a pencil to draw boards to simulate barn wall but any background will work. Just encourage kids to use plain background, so the miniature halter and lead will stand out.




Step 2:

Cut Quilling paper into 5 pieces. One – 5” piece, Three -3” pieces, One– 2” pieces. Make circle with 2” piece and glue. It helps to curl the paper a little and squeeze glued ends shut with tweezers. Take one of the 3” pieces and fold one third of it over placing a jump ring in the fold. Then place circle in fold next to jump ring and glue down. Fold other end over about one third.



Step 3:

Take 5” piece and fold in 2 jump rings. Glue down folded end encasing jump rings in fold.



Step 4:

Insert other end of 5” strip through 2 jump rings and back out between rings to fasten into circle. Attach by folding 3” strip over throatlatch piece.



Step 5:

Take remaining two 3” pieces and fold to fit as cheek pieces. Attach on each side and glue.

Step 6:

Cut two pieces of yarn in coordinating colors and insert through end of Lobster Claw fasten-er. Braid to desired length and tie off.



Step 7:

Clip “lead” onto halter. Screw small hook into frame. Hang halter and lead on hook. Insert picture and ENJOY!




Note : It would be very cool to figure a way to print tiny name on cheek pieces before attaching them. My hand is not that steady. If you figure out how to do it, please let us know.


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