Horse Magazine Bingo

A Fun Way to Learn!

You will need:

  • Large white poster boards
  • Scissors for every kid
  • Glue Stick for each team
  • A large stack of Horse magazines and catalogs.
  • Black Sharpie and yardstick – for measuring and drawing squares
  • The Equine Chronicle is a great magazine for this project because of the amount of large glossy pictures of beautiful horses it has in it every month. Stick a box in your barn and label it “Need Used Horse Magazines and Catalogs Please”. You will be shocked how fast it fills up.
  • Click PDF to download / print Labels: PDF_downlaod

horse magainze bingo

Horse Magazine Bingo



This is a great game to have in reserve for a rainy day or when you have completed a couple of the Teaching Units. Take 2 (or however many teams you will break your campers into) large poster boards and divide and draw 4×4 squares on it. It should work out to 7 across and 5 down. I trimmed off the excess strip at the bottom.

Now label the top of each square with the name of a leg or face marking, or a coat color, or a part of a horse, basically whatever it is you know your campers would or should recognize. We just hand printed the labels but have included a PDF for you to print out, cut up and use as an example.

The important part is to use the exact same labels on each poster board but change the order of placement on each board as much as you can.

Give each team their board, scissors, Glue Stick and stack of magazines.

Once you say “Go” they start to hunt for pictures to go in each square. They must be able to cut it to fit in the 4×4 square. It is ok to use a partial picture of a horse to show what they need. For example “Palomino” can be a picture of a horse’s head and neck, as long as it clearly shows what the label is, in this case the white mane must be evident as well as the golden coat.

After a minute say “Stop” and then call out a Bingo-like formation.

For example:

  1. 4 in a row horizontally
  2. 4 in a row diagonally
  3. All 4 corners covered
  4. 4 in a row vertically
  5. 4 in a box
  6. Etc.



Game Poster


If any team has that formation and the other team doesn’t, that team gets a point. Then say “Go” again. Every minute say “Stop” and call a different formation.

As the game goes on, start asking for 5 in a row, then 6 (only possible horizontally or diagonally). First team to cover board completely yells “Bingo” and gets 2 points. (Check each square for correct responses.)

The greatest part of this game is that when you get finished you will have
these beautiful posters to use for other games.

game board

BIngo Game Poster

kids learning

Kids Enjoying Bingo!

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