Jeopardy Game

This game can be used in so many ways for teaching. After any presentation that is given, you can ask the kids to write some Jeopardy questions to be saved for the next time you play this game. I also made a category called Camp Trivia where the answers were things like “This is our oldest camp horse, but he doesn’t ever act his age” or “She belongs to the head trainer’s assistant and barks”, etc. This game is always loved by campers! Have fun!



Large Display Board

Stick on Bulletin Board Letters

Regular size Envelopes

4×6 Index cards

3×5 Index cards

Clear 4×6 Archival bags (sold in craft stores to protect pictures – look in scrapbooking aisle)

Glue Runner (also in scrapbooking aisle)

** I also ordered Game Show Buzzers for 18.99 online. They just make a noise when you push them. But because I wanted some that show who pushed their buzzer first, I have since convinced a dad to build me one from the collection of instructions that came up when I Googled “How to build a game show buzzer”.



  1. Use stick on letters across top of board to write out HORSE JEOPARDY.
  2. Cut the extra flap off clear bags and glue with Glue Runner horizontally across top of board. These will be your holders for your category titles. The 4×6 Index cards fit in them perfectly so you can change and add as many subjects as you want. Decide how many subjects you can fit on your board. I did 7.
  3. Cut the flaps off white envelopes and glue five envelopes with backside up in a column under each clear bag. Label them 100 – 500 down each row.
  4. Write the name of each category on a 4×6 Index card and insert into clear bags.
  5. Write out an answer on each card on the lined side of 3×5 Index card. For example “This breed was named for the fact it was the fastest horse at a quarter mile distance.” I then wrote the answer in question form at the bottom of the card. “What is the American Quarter Horse?” That way kids can play it with each other.
jeopardy supplies

jeopardy supplies



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