Melted Crayon Art

MCA lead pic
Like all camp directors, I spend hours trolling Pinterest looking for suitable Camp Craft Projects. I loved the idea of Melted Crayon Art and saw some beautiful pictures of it. BUT, in trying to follow the directions, I ran into some major snags. Most of the directions call for using a hair dryer. The first second I turned it on, I blew a huge pile of crayon wrappers all over my dining room. These are the reasons I will do a project myself 2 or 3 times before it’s ready to try with campers. The hair dryer took way too long and was way too hot for a summer project. Also I had visions of blowing fuses all over the place trying to run 4 or 5 hair dryers at once. So even though there is a hairdryer in the picture of what you need, I used a microwave and an iron instead, and it worked fine.

What you will need:

mca wywn

  • A canvas – (you could probably also use heavy card stock, but I found these 8×10 Canvases for around $2.00 apiece)
  • Unwrapped Crayons – We used bamboo skewers to slice through the paper which made peeling much easier.
  • A silhouette cut from black construction paper.
  • A Glue Gun and glue
  • A Microwave
  • An Iron
  • Parchment Paper
  • Paper plate

Step 1. Choose 4 or 5 crayons and unwrap.

MCA pic 1

MCA pic 1a
Step 2. Microwave for 1 minute until soft but not drippy.

MCA pic 2
Step 3. Crumble crayons around canvas not mixing colors together.

MCA pic 3
Step 4. Cover canvas with Parchment Paper and set iron to Cotton Setting. Raise and lower iron on Parchment paper but don’t move iron around until you see the colors start to liquefy. Then gently move iron around to push colors up to each other.

MCA pic 4
Step 5. Peel Parchment paper back. Add more crumbles if there is more white than you’d like on canvas. And iron a little more.

MCA pic 5aStep 6. Hot glue your black silhouette to canvas.

MCA pic 5




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