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When I came up with the idea for BESTHORSECAMP.COM it wasn’t with any camp in mind. I was eighteen hundred miles from home, but as I watched an interaction between a fourteen year old girl, an eight year old girl and a thirty year old lesson horse, I felt at home. As I looked at Facebook pictures of a camp run by a good friend on the extreme far coast, it felt very familiar. Then it occurred to me, whether Florida, Maine, California or thousands of places in between, these kids, their instructors, camp administrators and even parents needed a place to share the positive equine experiences that are happening every day at sleek riding academies, rustic wooded camps, small neighborhood barns and discipline specific training stables all over the world.

I’ve run a camp for over thirty years and many campers started coming at five and six years old and continued every year until they were teenagers. I never wanted them to feel it was the same old thing, so I struggled to come up with new crafts, new projects, new award systems and new ways to teach what they needed to learn each year. As a result, I have a huge catalog of ideas. I’m excited to share them and I’m hoping you clever creative people out there will want to do the same.

The secondary although no less important mission of this site is to bring the virtual experience of horse camp to those kids who will never have the opportunity to attend a session of real life horse camp. These participants will be able to vote on some of our contest submissions and submit entries into other contests. After creating this Horse Camp Community website, I decided to offer memberships and resources for fellow camp owners who are as passionate about sharing their camp with others! After joining, we will link your camp’s website to this site and you will be eligible to enter our camp contests. This will help to fund scholarships (which will be paid directly to the camp) and prizes we will be awarding for our contests.

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We hope you join us on this happy adventure!

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