Pipe Cleaner Selfie


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This was such a fun project once the kids started to see the humor in it. The favorites were the ones where the kids made funny faces for their “selfie” picture and made their pipe cleaner stick figures hanging on for dear life!! I had used these very inexpensive wood stand up horses as a project before and just painting the horses seemed pretty mundane. Adding the pipe cleaner kids riding picked it up a notch! It’s up to you whether to add saddles and bridles…

selfies materials


  • Stand up wood horse craft kit (Buy at Michael’s and AC Moore)
  • Craft paint
  • Tapered shape pipe cleaners
  • Either yarn or doll hair
  • Small scraps of felt
  • Thin leather cord (for bridle)
  • Photo of each child’s face
  • Glue gun




Step 1:

Paint horses with craft paint and let dry

Step 2:

Take a full size pipe cleaner (that is going to be the body) and twist to form a head. Then twist a thin, long loop that forms the torso.

Step 3:

Cut two pipe cleaners in half. One will form the legs or bottom half of the rider. The other will form the arms and upper half of the body.

Step 4:

Take the pipe cleaner half that will be your legs and put through the bottom loop you have formed for the body. Twist the other half around the body to form the “butt” of the rider up to the waist of the rider.


Step 5:

Twist the piece that will form the arms around the torso once. Use the other half to wrap around the torso to form the shirt of the rider.

Step 6:

Glue yarn or doll to the back of the head. Cut child’s face out of a picture and glue it on the head.

Step 7:

Cut small square of felt to be the saddle pad. Cut small rounded piece of felt to be the saddle. Glue in position.

Step 8:

Glue cord to horse’s head for bridle. Make a loop on each end to be the reins.

Step 9:

Seat and position rider into place by twisting. Place small dab of glue under the rider’s seat. Now laugh and enjoy!


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