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Horse Camp Arts & Crafts for Campers

Whether you do an art project daily, once in awhile or only on rainy days, all of us have struggled to come up with fresh new ideas that are economical, fun and stay within the confines of a horse related project. We will continuously publish horse camp projects. We will always try to list the source of materials we’ve used, the costs, the time needed and easy to follow directions. Send us pictures of your finished projects for our Camp Gallery. We will also be looking for submissions for this department. What have your campers made that delighted them? arts and crafts

  1. Tack Box Treasure Boxes

    Tack Box Treasure Boxes

      Before I started this project with the kids, I pulled up some images of custom tack trunks and cut some out of catalogs and made a little poster of what a real tack trunk looked like and all the color combination and design options. It helps to inspire some and to explain to those kids who don’t really know...

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  2. Halter & Lead Frame

    Halter & Lead Frame

    What you will need: A wood frame and Photo of choice (choose a horse pic!) craft paint Glue Quilling Paper small hook 3 Jump rings tweezers lobster claw fastener yarn or thin cording I found everything for this project at AC Moore. Cost per project was approximately $3.00. This takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to make. Instructions:  ...

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  3. Stuffed Ponies

    Stuffed Ponies

    *This Project can take up to 3 hours, so we spread it over three days. Younger campers will need assistance, but all ages CAN do this great project! Cost: $3 per camper. You will need to print Template 1 & Template 2 Materials: 3 squares of felt. Yarn or doll hair for mane and tail. Embroidery thread. Needle. Straight pins....

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  4. Coloring Book Image

    Coloring Book Image

    Use Water Color, Colored Pencil, or Crayon This project seems to delight younger kids and parents . When I first started doing it , I found the application in my Kodak Easy Share edit photos panel. Once Kodak went under, I had to hunt around for a new source to make line drawings out of photos. There is a way...

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  5. Pipe Cleaner Selfie

    Pipe Cleaner Selfie

      This was such a fun project once the kids started to see the humor in it. The favorites were the ones where the kids made funny faces for their “selfie” picture and made their pipe cleaner stick figures hanging on for dear life!! I had used these very inexpensive wood stand up horses as a project before and just...

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