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Horse Camp Games & Activities for Campers

Coming up with innovative, fun, and challenging games or activities for campers can be challenging at times! Sharing successful ideas for camp activities can help camp owners grow and expand their camp horizons! We will continuously publish horse camp activities. We will always try to list the steps and directions clearly for each game, so that everyone can easily understand these great games! Enjoy and have fun at Horse Camp! arts and crafts

  1. Horse Magazine Bingo

    Horse Magazine Bingo

    A Fun Way to Learn!   Directions: This is a great game to have in reserve for a rainy day or when you have completed a couple of the Teaching Units. Take 2 (or however many teams you will break your campers into) large poster boards and divide and draw 4×4 squares on it. It should work out to 7...

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  2. Dirty Laundry Race

    Dirty Laundry Race

    DIRTY LAUNDRY RACE –The clothes don’t have to be dirty to start but they end up that way! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Starting line marker 2 laundry baskets 32 items of clothing made up of coinciding pairs, i.e. – 2 shirts, 2 scarves, 2 jackets, a pair of rubber boots, etc. Obviously you can have more than 2 of each...

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  3. Sit-a-Buck Game

    Sit-a-Buck Game

    This is an all-time favorite game that we saw pictures of or was mentioned on many of your camp websites. This is a very simple, yet fun game that can be played with strips of paper OR as the name implies, dollar bills. The game is to be played bareback, and the instructor places each dollar or paper just under...

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  4. Bucking Barrel Challenge

    Bucking Barrel Challenge

    Not all camps are located on a lake or have access to a pool, but at some point all campers need to cool off. Here’s a great idea that can be put up just about any-where and works on balance while being a blast! We had a handy dad trade out one week’s camp tuition to build us this bucking...

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  5. Toilet Paper Race

    Toilet Paper Race

      This is a version of the Ribbon Race but a little harder because the toilet paper is so fragile. You will need a marked starting line and finish line. We recommend using a lap of your arena as the race course because corners are what make the game challenging. You will also need a stop watch and a roll...

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