Sample Horse Camp Projects



Horse Camp Projects for Campers

Horse Camp projects are great for inspiring teamwork and helping campers to reach long-term goals! These projects are designed to be on-going throughout the entire camp session and can be worked on a little every day! By the time your horse camp session ends, your campers will have a beautiful project they can feel proud of! View the ideas for our Horse Camp Projects from members of! Have Fun!


  1. Barn Rules Project

    Barn Rules Project

    Every barn has rules, and almost every barn I’ve visited has a sign or poster displaying those rules. Camps usually devote some time each session to going over rules. However, rarely do I stop to read anyone’s rules. But Barb Koster of Barb Koster’s Riding Academy in Southwest Ranches, Florida had a bulletin board of rules that made me want...

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  2. Foster A Rescue Horse

    Foster A Rescue Horse

    A New Home & Love for “Angel” The Horse Without a doubt, my all-time favorite camp project just happened this year. Before camp started, I had made arrangements with the local SPCA to foster a rescue horse for 4 weeks. The day before camp started I went to pick her up. The horse we took had just been brought in...

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  3. Jeopardy Game

    Jeopardy Game

    This game can be used in so many ways for teaching. After any presentation that is given, you can ask the kids to write some Jeopardy questions to be saved for the next time you play this game. I also made a category called Camp Trivia where the answers were things like “This is our oldest camp horse, but he...

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  4. Pattern Board

    Pattern Board

      We started with this format: The first day the kids came to camp they painted a small wooden framed chalkboard and a small wooden box with their names and in whatever colors they declared as their own farm colors. I found these both very reasonably priced at A.C. Moore and have also seen them at Michaels. I premade a...

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  5. Summer Camp Notebooks

    Summer Camp Notebooks

    A very simple but incredibly effective camp project is building a notebook. We found three ring hard cover binders at a Dollar Store. Using cutout horses, stickers, and bulletin board letters, basically any art product you want, we decorated the front of these notebooks and then covered them with a laminated sheet. This kept everything in place. We gave each...

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