String Art

This was another project I was wary of. I wasn’t sure little kids would be able to handle the hammer and nails easily, but I had two 7 year olds who did a great job on this. The kids loved doing this project. It was fairly inexpensive and really needed 2 days to complete, which made it even cheaper if you use a daily craft budget.

What You Will Need:

  • A large square of soft wood. (we used 12”x12” pine)
  • Sand paper, wood stain and a rag
  • Wire Nails (we used 3/4×16) It took an average of 2/3 of a box per project.
  • 2 small screw eyes
  • A horse to trace and pencil
  • Colored Embroidery thread and scissors
  • Hammer

Step 1. Sand and stain wood.
Step 2. Trace whatever horse you have chosen onto the wood
Step 3. Start to tap nails onto the line that you have traced. It is important to put a nail into every point that makes a turn. Space your nails evenly approximately ½” apart.

Step 4. Once you have all your traced lines covered with nails, make sure they all nails are even in height.
Step 5. Plan where you are going to use which colors. Tie a loop and lower over nail and tighten.
Step 6. After you tighten the loop, start weaving back and forth and all around to fill in your horse. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Circle each nail at least one full time around.
Step 7. When you see you are running out of thread tie that piece off on your next nail. Leave ends till the end and then neatly clip off.

Step 8. Cut a new piece of thread and resume.
Step 9. When you are finished filling in your horse, screw small screw eyes into top of board and tie string between the two to hang your masterpiece!

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