Stuffed Ponies

stuffed pony

*This Project can take up to 3 hours, so we spread it over three days. Younger campers will need assistance, but all ages CAN do this great project!

Cost: $3 per camper. You will need to print Template 1 & Template 2


  • 3 squares of felt.
  • Yarn or doll hair for mane and tail.
  • Embroidery thread.
  • Needle.
  • Straight pins.
  • 2 googly eyes.
  • Ribbon or seam binding for halter.
  • Glue gun.
  • Stuffing.
  • Pattern (Templates 1 & 2 Above) copied on to stiff cardstock.
  • Sharpie.

Step 1:

Print out pattern pieces from Template 1 & Template 2 above. Trace onto cardboard or card sock. I used cereal boxes. Trace around pattern pieces with Sharpie onto felt. Make sure to place the stomach piece edge on a fold. Cut out. It works really well to give each child a sandwich bag with their name on it to store all their pieces during the process.

stuffed pony items

stuffed pony 2

Step 2:

Pin one body side to one side of stomach piece matching up the legs. Using a running stitch, stitch one eighth of an inch from edge of felt. Try to make small even stitches. Stitch from bottom of neck all the way around the two legs and up to where the tail would go. Knot thread off on inside of pony.



Step 3:

Pin other body piece to other side of stomach matching up legs. Continue to stitch around other set of legs. Once the entire stomach is attached , turn right side up.

stuffed pony 4Step 4:

Pinch bottom of ears together and pin one on each side of head. Stitch on with just a couple small stitches.

Step 5:

Pin head , neck, and rump together. Leave space along back open to insert stuffing. Stitch.

Step 6:

Fill pony with stuffing pushing it way down the legs and into head. The more stuffing the sturdier your pony. Once it is completely full, stitch up the opening in back. Now is a good time to also add any stitches where you see any gaps.

Step 7:

To add the mane with yarn, thread a large needle with double yarn. Push needle through the edge of the pony’s neck. Cut yarn long enough so you can tie off the yarn. Continue from bottom of neck to the top of head. Trim yarn to desired mane length. Do the same for tail by making stitches from rump, tying off and cutting after each stitch.

stuffed pony 3

Step 8:

Using hot glue gun, glue on eyes . Cut halter piece to fit and glue halter noseband first, then a long piece from each side of noseband around behind ears.

Step 9:

If using doll hair as mane and tail , hot glue along neck and on rump and stick hair to it.



Step 10:

LOVE your Pony!!

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