Bucking Barrel Challenge

Not all camps are located on a lake or have access to a pool, but at some point all campers need to cool off. Here’s a great idea that can be put up just about any-where and works on balance while being a blast! We had a handy dad trade out one week’s camp tuition to build us this bucking barrel. It has been a camp favorite for the last 4 years.

What To Do:

1. He sunk 4x4s in the ground in cement. He inserted heavy duty screw in rings into the tops of the posts.

2. Then he tied strong rope through the rings and to the end of two foot garage door springs.

3. He attached another length of rope to the other end of the spring and through holes he drilled in the barrel.

4. He covered the rope that is strung through the barrel with a plastic tubing so it wouldn’t fray and covered the first few feet with a Noodle (foam pool toy).

5. We attached a leather rein for fun.

6. The pool is one we bought for just over a hundred dollars and comes with a little pump.

7. The counselors pull on ropes attached to the barrel to “buck” the kids off.

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